Hi, I'm Sandy Penny. I've been teaching all kinds of classes since the 1970s. I began teaching friends to use the web in the mid-1990s as it became popular. In 2010, I made a commitment to help small heart-centered businesses build and launch websites for free or very affordably. I taught classes in planning, designing, writing, launching, maintaining and marketing small business sites. I use Yola.com for the sitebuilder tools, hosting and domain names. I find it easy to use, dependable and affordable (even free if you don't mind a subdomain of .yolasite.com). Together, my clients and I have launched a variety of new business websites. Have a look ... click. I specialize in teaching simple web classes, building templated small business websites and online website build-and-market tutoring ... contact me.

To view my writing samples: click here.  To view my client and student websites / web gallery: click here.