If you're not the DIY (do it yourself) type, Sandy Penny can help you ...

  • create a concept for a website or blog,
  • buy a domain name,
  • design the site for you (using modified templated sites from Yola.com
    and blog templates from blogger.com),
  • customize your banner,
  • write and edit your content,
  • choose your graphics,
  • launch the site on the world wide web
  • monetize your site, and
  • set up and post to social media pages.

Once it is launched, Sandy Penny can teach you the basic skills you'll need to edit your site or post new content on your blog. She will always be here to support you if you need it later as well.

There is no reason to avoid creating a powerful online presence these days - even on a small budget.

Sandy Penny offers serious potential clients a half hour consultation for free to discuss your needs.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead CONTACT ME.