On all sites, Sandy Penny developed keyword strategies, wrote/edited content for search engine optimization, proofed for grammar and errors, and recommended simplifying content where necessary. For some, complete design. Click the banner pictures to go to the site. Click to contact Sandy.


Welcome to Your Expanded Reality

Events .Articles . Videos . Audios for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Sandy Penny is the publisher, editor and owner of Houston Spirituality Magazine, an online publication that focuses on events, articles, videos and audios for YOUR body, mind, and spirit. Sandy concepted, designed, and built the site and manages it on an ongoing basis. Companion Blog.

Christina Nealson is the author of five books and photographer of four. Photojournalist assignments have taken her to Africa, Central America and throughout the West, from Alaska to the tip of the Baja.

Sandy Penny designed and built this site to showcase her photos and books and to send readers to the Amazon purchase pages. Sandy also put together the slideshow to companion with the Wild Road Home book. "It looks great. Thanks so much. And I'm glad we kept the green. Nice and rich." ~Christina Nealson 

Updated 2020

Taos Sage Waters Spa is a community of massage and spa professionals in Taos, NM. Sandy Penny concepted, designed, created and wrote this site and continues to provide updates, inspiration page entries, maintenance, images and changes on an ongoing basis.

"Sandy Penny designed my site, edited my content, chose photos and books to companion with my articles and got everything up and running with the search engines. She made it seem easy, and I am so grateful for her patience and professionalism. She owns and embodies the projects she works on and is highly involved and motivated.  She makes my changes as needed and continues to edit new copy and suggest new content. I have been amazed at the amount of traffic I'm getting with little or no publicity"   ~Margaret Rustan, 

 "Sandy does a great job at a great price. She works quickly, and is delightful to work with. Sandy gave me marketing ideas, helped me set up PayPal invoicing, showed me how to amend the site, optimized the site with key words for search engines and submitted the site to them, and is providing complimentary weekly reports on site usage. She continues to help me tweak content and design. Long story short, she made it much easier and faster than I expected. Now she has set up a hub for my four sites and linked everything together. Awesome. I wholeheartedly recommend her services."  ~ Don Schwartz, Transition Mentoring

Amelia Fernside is a Regency Romance Author with books, free book giveaways and a need for list building for her readers. She also displays reviews, and author information. Sandy was involved in every aspect of creating, launching and promoting the site. Site is no longer active, but books are available: 


Sandy Penny began proofing my books, and that caused a discussion about changing my website to better present my Regency Romance stories. She worked with me on design suggestions, building the site, refining it as we went along, writing content, and even suggesting a new book for my series. Sandy embodies the spirit of the site while using her web building and wide range of other skills to make this process fast and easy for me. She even does my social media posting. Her prices are excellent. If she ever discovers how valuable she is to me, I'm in a lot of trouble. ~Amelia Fernside, Regency Romance Author,

Conceptualized, created and wrote this monetized mystery book review site to offer indie authors an opportunity to share marketing space with famous authors.


Sandy concepted and wrote much of this site, and worked with the client and web designer to build it.

 Concepted, designed and managed this
Mystery Novel Marketing Blog to enhance book sales.
Wrote and edited posts. Negotiated Book Signing Events.


I tutored my client on how to use Yola sitebuilder, helped her build the original site, recently redesigned the site, and continue to support her in making changes. ~Sandy Penny

Downunda Pools is a client site Sandy Penny wrote and edited, and with her design input interfaced with a web builder. She also concepted & wrote blog posts


My client and I worked together to build this site during Saturday web classes in New Mexico. Offers calendar. ~Sandy Penny

OSO VISTA RANCH. Vacation & Retreat Center Rental.
Sandy planned, designed, wrote and created this site and
its slide shows for the client and transferred the site to
client for maintenance and continues periodic updates.  


BASTIS Foundation
Sandy planned, designed, wrote, 
and created this site for Dr. Bera Dordoni, a wholistic practitioner.
Taught the client to maintain her own site.

Art Glass Magic is a jewelry marketing site with
a range of buy now buttons built by the client and
Sandy Penny during in-person website tutoring
sessions and New Mexico website classes.


Sandy Penny built this website in 2 hours to help support Janice Terra, The Lady Horse Whisperer, a friend who has extreme medical challenges right now. Donations were greatly appreciated.


The small business client and Sandy Penny built this site during Saturday web classes. Sandy designed the banner, wrote and edited some of the material, and continues to support
Salt lamps Now as needed. [SITE NO LONGER ACTIVE]


Barbara Besser of Ascension Art on Wings and Sandy Penny built this art marketing site during private website tutoring sessions. 


Sandy Penny built this site and taught the website building client to maintain it herself. Features shopping cart 
PayPal functionality. [SITE NO LONGER ACTIVE]


Sandy Penny worked with this client internationally
by phone to concept, choose layout & color scheme, 
design banner & develop content.
Taught client to maintain the site.

My client and I worked together to design and build this site during Saturday web classes in New Mexico.



Sandy Penny built this site for The School of Now and maintains it as needed. Features a slide show to generate contributions.

Gratitude from a Student: "Not being a net wit, I found the help provided by Ms. Penny to be worth every... er... penny. The solid practical advice she provided on creating a dynamic website was intermingled with equally insightful information on marketing my scribblings much more effectively. I was impressed by her friendliness, professionalism and knowledge. She was a Godsend which should have come as no surprise since I'd heard for years that "Penny's from heaven". Sorry. I couldn't resist. 

~Chris McKerracher, Senior Humour Writer, Pipestone Flyer. 

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