For Beginners: Are You Ready to Learn?

When you call Sandy Penny and say you're a beginner, that could mean many different things, so Sandy will ask you some questions to determine what level of computer and web knowledge you actually have. Honestly, you just have to have the basic web skills. If you can email and attach files to them and make an online Paypal payment, you can learn to build, maintain and market your own internet business website. Yola is a WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) web based sitebuilder with drag and drop features.

Sandy Penny is not interested in building websites in programs other than Yola or maintaining websites that are already built in other sitebuilders. She offers services to a niche market that wants to work with the tools and skills she already has. Sandy Penny is keeping it simple so she can provide the highest quality support and instruction to her website business clients. She will walk you through a process as often as you need until you learn it.

Website Building Beginners will learn:


•Buy a domain name.
•Create Free Yola account.
•Choose a template.
•Add basic template pages (Welcome, About Us, etc.)
•Learn to use Yola Help Center, Widgets, and Properties.
•Create a Customized Banner using Paint and/or PicNik, if needed.
•Identify content and navigation strategies (how visitors will get around your site from page to page and link to link.
•Learn to Use Text Boxes and Photo boxes (drag and drop, use column dividers to customize your site, paste in copied html code.
•Paste content into Notepad for ease of formatting .
•Upload photos and files to File Manager.
•Add photos and text boxes to various pages.
•Save and Preview Pages, adjust as needed.

Session 2: REFINE SITE

•Refine Your Design & Content.
•Define your target market.
•Write Window Titles.
•Identify list of keywords or search words.
•Write a short two sentence page description for each page for search engines using key words.
•Learn where to post the window titles, key words and page descriptions for Search Engine Optimization.
•Learn to Use Other Yola Sitebuilder Tools
•Add Page Links, File Links, Photo Links.
•Add a Blind Contact Form to your Contact Us Page to avoid email being added to lists.
•Add New Pages and Photos.
•Add Widgets to site (like audio player, if needed, html code, maps, etc.)
•Edit Photos in free program: PicNik (linked to Yola photo boxes)
•Add Ecommerce, if needed (catalog, single product, donation.)
•Add "Buy Now" buttons where needed.
•Set up a Free Stat Counter that counts your visitors to the site and tracks where they come from. Post stat counter code in html box.

Session 3: LAUNCH & MARKET

•Launch the website on the web.
•Review the site and refine as needed.
•Search Engine Optimization: Create Google Webmaster free account. Scan Pages and get your Google Webmaster Code.
•Learn strategies for using social media.
•Set up Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media sites particular to your needs.
•Learn how to keep them business oriented and contribute to your business growth and publicity.
•Discuss Guerilla marketing strategies to reach your clientele.

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